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Hanooman AI an Open-source Project 24

Hanooman AI

What is Hanuman AI model?

With the help of Seetha Mahalakshmi Healthcare (SML) and the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, Hanooman AI” an open-source project, introduces a revolutionary development in artificial intelligence. This line of Indic language artificial intelligence models, named after the venerated Hindu deity Hanuman, embodies the marriage of custom and innovation.

Hanooman AI

Hanooman is an essential tool for fostering linguistic diversity and accessibility because AI’s can produce text and speech in several Indian languages. This project is an important step toward the development of inclusive technology since it demonstrates how AI can benefit the Hanooman communities and protect cultural heritage.

In order to fill language shortages worldwide, 3AI Holding Limited and SML India have partnered to launch “Hanooman,” an inventive multilingual GenAI platform. Hanooman AI is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology that supports 98 languages globally, including 12 widely spoken Indian languages.

With its focus on accessibility and equality, this cooperative endeavor represents an important turning point in the field of artificial intelligence.

With Hanooman AI large language repertoire, users with a variety of linguistic backgrounds can interact with the platform with ease, and communication barriers can be broken down globally.

Hanooman AI registration process is very easy and simply requires a phone number, making it accessible to a wide range of users. This highlights how user-friendly the platform is. By making cutting-edge AI technology more accessible to everybody, Hanooman creates a precedent for inclusivity in the digital sphere that encourages increased involvement and participation.

Even though Hanooman AI can only respond to text at the moment, he sets the stage for future development into other modalities and promises a full range of AI capabilities to adapt to changing user requirements.

Its scalability and agility make it a very useful tool with a wide range of applications in customer service, education, and content development, among other fields.

What are the uses of Hanooman AI ?

Hanooman AI’s ability to speak multiple languages not only makes communication easy but also promotes cross-cultural dialogue and understanding on a worldwide level.

Through embracing linguistic diversity, the platform enhances the user experience and encourages cross-cultural communication by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation for many languages and cultures.

Essentially, the introduction of Hanooman signals a turning point in the development of AI and the beginning of a new era of global connectivity, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Hanooman is positioned to completely change the way we engage with technology, bridging language barriers to build a more connected world, as 3AI Holding Limited and SML India carry on innovating and expanding the platform’s capabilities.

What are the different services offered by Hanooman AI?

User-friendly services like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and text-to-video formats will be provided by the Hanooman AI model. Large language models, or LLM systems, are capable of producing responses that seem natural and are trained on enormous volumes of data. In the near future, generative artificial intelligence (AI) will challenge OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

It covers all 22 of the official Indian languages, including the 11 languages available at launch. Additionally, it can help teachers with instructional activities, students with assignments, and summarize talks.

These models make use of its own technology. Hanooman is a strong competitor in the developing field of conversational AI since it marks a substantial advancement in AI technology, notably in its capacity to comprehend and react to human speech.

What is the difference between Bharat GPT and Hanooman?

“Hanooman,” an AI marvel with multimodal capabilities that go beyond conventional text-based interactions, is at the heart of the Bharat GPT ecosystem. Hanooman, which can produce information in text-to-text, text-to-speech, and text-to-video formats with ease, is an example of how cutting-edge AI technology is combining with practical uses.

What language is AI written in?

The general-purpose programming language for AI development, Python, has gained popularity because of its analytics and data visualization features. Data scientists and analysts will find it easier to understand because of its user-friendly syntax.

What is the primary purpose of AI?

The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to empower computers to do cognitive tasks including problem-solving, decision-making, comprehension, and translation between human languages.

Is AI good or bad?

Although artificial intelligence has numerous advantages, it also has disadvantages. Efficiency gains via task automation, data analysis for well-informed decision-making, aiding in medical diagnosis, and the development of autonomous cars are just a few advantages of AI.

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