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What Is Earth Hour-2024

What Is Earth Hour ?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) spearheaded the global initiative known as Earth Hour. Every year, on the last Saturday of March, during the hour-long Earth Hour, businesses and landmarks around the world turn off their non-essential electric lights as a sign of their commitment to the planet.

Communities, businesses, and individuals are all encouraged to participate in this annual event.

What Is Earth Hour?An extra week prior to Earth Hour is sometimes observed in years when Holy Saturday falls on the final Saturday of March (as it will in 2024).

An international environmental movement known as Earth Hour” invites individuals to show their dedication to the environment by turning off non-essential lights for one hour, typically near the end of March. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the organisation behind the event, which aims to encourage people to take action for the environment and increase awareness of environmental issues.

On March 31, 2007, nearly 2.2 million individuals turned down their lights for an hour as part of the inaugural Earth Hour event in Sydney, Australia. Currently, each year more than 190 nations and territories take part.

We also need to become more proactive in order to meet this 2030 goal. Our goal is to create the Biggest Hour for Earth in 2024 by revitalising Earth Hour, including our brand, work, message, and objective. By urging our supporters to turn off their lights and dedicate an hour to Earth, we hope to make a good impact on our world for 60 minutes by doing anything constructive.

Usually on the last Saturday in March, Earth Hour takes place from 8:30 to 9:30 PM.

A number of environmental initiatives and neighbourhood get-togethers with the goal of bringing attention to environmental problems and encouraging sustainable behaviour. People participate in a variety of events during Earth Hour to show their support for preventing climate change and safeguarding the environment, such as candlelight vigils, beach clean-ups, community meetings, and tree-planting sessions.

These gatherings promote harmony and group efforts in the direction of a more sustainable future.

What can you do during Earth Hour?

Things you can do for Earth Hour are as follows:

  • Step outside and stroll .
  • Get outside and spend time in nature instead of using electronics at home. You can take in the view, take in some natural sounds, and participate in some nature art.
  • Extinguish candles
  • Eco-friendly mood lighting and a warm ambiance can be achieved using candles. With friends and family, you may also enjoy a dinner by candlelight.*
  • Look up at the stars*
  • Look up at the stars and get away from the city and loud noises.
  • Have a picnic by candlelight.
  • Spread a picnic blanket, fill a wicker basket with goodies, and light some tea lights.

What is the main point of the Earth hour?

By taking part in Earth Hour, people and businesses can show their support for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy practices while also inspiring others to follow suit. The purpose of Earth Hour is to serve as a reminder that even tiny individual acts can add up to a big environmental impact when combined.

What are some interesting facts about Earth Hour?

Its goal is to inspire everyone to switch off all electric lights for one hour each year, except for those that are absolutely necessary. It’s incredibly easy to do: just turn down your lights from 8.30 to 9.30 p.m. to show your support for the environment. Fun fact: there will be over 385,000 participants from 175 countries.


Who Organises Earth Hour?

A global initiative, “to turn off lights and electrical appliances for an hour,” is being promoted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). People are anticipated to participate in its 18th edition by turning off non-essential lights in 190 different nations and territories.

What is the difference between Earth Day and Earth Hour?

We participate in Earth Hour by turning off our lights, and on Earth Day, we are urged to take care of the environment.

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