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Missile Rani-Divya Putri

Under “Mission Divyastra,” India successfully tested the Agni-5 missile, which is an indigenous design that uses “Multiple Independent Targetable Re-Entry Vehicle” (MIRV) technology, on Monday. India now has this ability, making it one of the few nations with it. Developed with the nation’s security requirements in mind, Agni-5 boasts a 5,000-kilometer range.

Including parts of northern China and Europe, practically all of Asia is within the missile’s firing range.

With a range of 700–3,500 kilometres, Agni 1–4 missiles have never been used in combat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared this unique accomplishment to be “Mission Divyastra.” DRDO scientist Missile Rani-Divya Putri oversaw the project as a whole.

Scientist Sheena Rani is now being referred to as “Divya Putri,” coinciding with PM Modi’s designation of the mission as “Mission Divyastra.”

At the high-tech lab of DRDO in Hyderabad, Sheena Rani, 57, is a talented scientist. And among her peers, she goes by a unique name. Due to his intense excitement and commitment for his work, his coworkers frequently refer to him as a “Powerhouse of Energy.”

Like her renowned Missile Woman Tessie Thomas, Sheena Rani, also referred to as “Agni Putri,” continues a family tradition. Sheena Rani carries on the remarkable legacy left by Tessie Thomas, who made substantial contributions to the development of the Agni missile family.

With experience working on Agni missile systems since 1999, Missile Rani-Divya Putri is the project manager for “Mission Divyastra.” Over her 25 years at DRDO, this is Sheena Rani’s greatest accomplishment. “I am a part of the DRDO family, helping to protect India,” she declares with pride. She attended Thiruvananthapuram College of Engineering to study. Sheena Rani holds a master’s degree in computer science in addition to degrees in electronics and communication.

She was employed by India’s top space rocket centre, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), for eight years. Following India’s 1998 nuclear test at Pokhran, she immediately joined DRDO. Sheena Rani has been working on the launch control system of all Agni family missiles since 1999.

The “missile man” of India, he was once President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who oversaw DRDO, is the inspiration for it. Prior to joining DRDO to oversee the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme, Dr. Kalam began his professional career at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

Who is Missile Rani-Divya Putri ?

Leading a team of missile experts from the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), Ms Rani is a scientist at the Advanced Systems Laboratory of the DRDO in Hyderabad.

What is the speciality of Agni-5?

Multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles, or MIRVs, are equipped on the Agni-5..Once fired, the Agni-5 is a “fire and forget” missile that can only be neutralised by an interceptor missile.

Name the countries equipped with MIRV missile system capability.

The MIRV missile system is said to be capable only by the US, UK, Russia, France, and China.

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