Japan’s Space One rocket launch fails with an explosion- 24

Japan’s Space One rocket

On Wednesday, shortly after takeoff, a rocket that was billed as Japan’s first private sector spacecraft burst into flames, as seen on live TV.

The Japan’s Space One rocket known as Kairos was seen in an online video taking off from the tree-covered mountains of central Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture, but it burst in midair a few seconds later.

Flames flared in a few places, and a massive cloud of smoke enveloped the region. In an attempt to douse the fire, the footage then showed jets of water being blasted in that direction.

The fire department in Kushimoto city, Wakayama, states that there were no injuries reported and that the fire has been contained.

A request for comment was not immediately answered by the Tokyo-based startup Space One, which was responsible for the rocket launch.

A spoken announcement was heard over live camera on public broadcaster NHK, directed at the crowd assembled to observe the takeoff from a safe distance. NHK showed burnt fragments scattered over the ground and debris falling from the sky. NHK said that the probe into the root of the issues was still ongoing.

Japan’s media reported that a ship was discovered in a dangerous area, which resulted in multiple delays to the launch, the most recent of which occurred on Saturday.

Japan's Space One rocket

The first private firm to launch a rocket into orbit would have been Space One, had it been successful.

With funding from significant Japanese businesses like Canon Electronics, IHI, Shimizu, and major banks, Tokyo-based Space One was founded in 2018. Reports of injuries or other damage did not surface right away.

The National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), Japan’s equivalent of NASA in the United States, is in charge of the country’s primary space exploration program.

What is the purpose of Japanese startup rocket Kairos?

The Japanese startup rocket Kairos carried a government experimental satellite. If intelligence satellites in orbit went out, the satellite could take their place for a while.

When was Kairos founded?

A group of significant Japanese tech companies, including Canon Electronics, IHI Aerospace, and Shimizu Corp., founded Kairos in July 2018. A ship entered the adjacent restricted maritime region, postponing the launch that was initially set for Saturday.

Where does Japan launch rockets from?

The biggest rocket launch point in Japan is situated south of Kagoshima on Tanegashima Island’s southeast coast. The Tanegashima Space Center is approximately 9.7 million square meters in total area. Rockets powered by liquid fuel are launched using it.

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