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iPhone 16 With More RAM And Storage-2024

iPhone 16 With More RAM And Storage

Ahead of its anticipated September release, the iPhone 16 with more RAM and storage is starting to surface in leaks. The most recent rumour to reach us claims that the phone will have RAM and storage upgrades—specifically to support the additional AI features—on board.

This is based on a South Korean source (via popular tipster @Tech_Reve) that suggests the entry-level iPhone 16 may include either 256GB of storage or 8GB of RAM, or both, to provide the built-in AI more room to store, process, and ponder.

Comparatively speaking, the least expensive iPhone 15 has 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM (but 256GB and 512GB variants are also available). The additional work that is generated requires additional headroom.

Interestingly, a lot of the AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 are cloud-based, so if Apple chooses this path, the iPhone 16 might not actually require an increase in RAM or storage. According to recent reports, the business is in talks to bring AI features to the iPhone 16 with China’s Baidu, Google, and ChatGPT’s OpenAI.

It looks that the corporation is prepared to swallow its pride and turn to other companies for assistance because it believes that its vast language model need additional effort.

Apple takes great satisfaction in processing the majority of its workload locally, avoiding the need to send data streams back and forth between web servers. More of your personal information is now kept only on your laptop or phone, where it is safe and private.

With the AI features that Apple has been teasing, that may require more processing power from the iPhone 16. However, nothing is definite yet, and Apple’s plans could yet alter, as one tipster notes. It begs the issue of how much of this AI capability might find its way into less capable, older phones.

Although we’re not entirely sure what Apple’s AI features will entail, all the indications point to iOS 18 having a plethora of generative AI capabilities akin to those seen in other phones (and, strangely enough, Google may be lending a hand).

How much RAM does an iPhone 16 have?

‘Pro’ versions come equipped with 8GB of RAM out of the box.

In order to be crystal clear, we are discussing the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus here, not the ‘Pro’ versions.

How can I increase my iPhone memory?

First tip: Store all of your larger files—such as pictures and videos—offsite, such as on iCloud or another cloud service.
Tip 2: Use iTunes or iCloud to replace any apps and media that aren’t being used.
Tip 3: Try compressing the images and movies to free up memory.

What happens when iPhone storage is full?

It automatically makes space while installing apps, upgrading iOS or iPadOS, downloading music, making films, and more if your device’s storage is full or running low. Your smartphone may also delete items that are no longer needed or that may be downloaded again in order to free up additional storage.

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