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Google Pixel 8a And Release Date-2024

Google Pixel 8a

Recent announcements from Google indicate that May 14 will mark the annual developer conference, or Google I/O. This is probably the moment when the search engine behemoth will reveal some big news, like the formal unveiling of the new Android 15 operating system Google Pixel 8a

In addition, Google may introduce the Pixel 8a, internally dubbed Akita, a low-cost smartphone given its prior performance.

A replacement for the Pixel 7a from last year will be the Google Pixel 8a. This time, the Pixel 8a is anticipated to deliver various generative AI features that are now found on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, in addition to sporting an enhanced design and the new Tensor processor.

Google Pixel 8a

Here is all the information you need to know about Google’s impending affordable and small flagship phone, the Pixel 8a, with little over two months till its launch event.

With its metal frame, glass back, and form factor reminiscent of a candy bar, the incoming Pixel 8a may borrow elements of the Pixel 8’s industrial aesthetic. In contrast to its rectangular exterior, the Pixel 8a is expected to have a more curved design, making it more comfortable to grip onto than the Pixel 7a.

The phone also appears to have gained a little weight, which suggests a larger battery—possibly with 5W of maximum capacity—that may support wireless charging.

The Pixel 8a, like its predecessor, is expected to feature an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, according to a leaked image of the retail box obtained by Android Police. The phone will also likely have a matte back panel and frame.

There is a pill-shaped dual-camera island at the back of the Pixel 8a, similar to the Pixel 8, according to an earlier leak of the official product image by 9to5Google. As with the Pixel 8, the island’s twin camera unit rests flush with the metal camera bar, which protrudes from the device at the back.

The Pixel 8a’s blue leaked version features a glass rear panel and a matching metal frame. The Pixel 8 has more uniform and narrower bezels, but the display at the front has somewhat larger bezels akin to the Pixel 7a.

Additionally, three or four color variants for the Pixel 8a are anticipated.

The 6.1-inch screen on the Google Pixel 8a is marginally smaller than the 6.2-inch screen on the Pixel 8, thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate. With the Pixel 8 series, Google debuted a new moniker for its smartphone displays, “Actua,” and the Pixel 8a’s display specs are probably going to stay the same as those of the Pixel 7a.

The next Google phone is rumored to have improved screen protection and a little higher brightness level. We anticipate the Pixel 8a to have an in-display fingerprint sensor, as they have been a reliable feature on Pixel A-series smartphones for some time.

The Pixel 8a’s technological characteristics are probably going to stay the same as those of the Pixel 8, and the Tensor G3 with 8 GB RAM is probably going to power the forthcoming smartphone. Along with the standard 128 GB model, Google is anticipated to launch the A-series smartphone with 256 GB of storage for the first time.

The Pixel 8a is probably going to have one physical SIM slot and support eSIM, much like the previous generation did.

The 8a is anticipated to provide best-in-class capabilities. Pixel smartphones are renowned for its computational photography-powered cameras. According to the leaks, the Pixel 8a will include a 13 MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 64 MP main sensor. The Pixel 8a’s camera hardware is most likely going to stay precisely the same as the Pixel 7a’s.

The phone should be able to take better photos and videos than it did before thanks to the upgraded chip (Tensor G3), which has an enhanced image signal processor (ISP).

In addition to running Android 14 out of the box, the Pixel 8a will be able to access the Android 15 beta, which will also be released during Google I/O 2024. In the latter part of 2024, it will also be among the first smartphones globally to acquire the stable version of Android 15.

It’s unclear at this time if Google will provide the Pixel 8a with the same degree of software support, which includes up to seven years of significant Android OS updates.

The Google Pixel 8a’s price and release date are scheduled for May 14, and it is anticipated that Flipkart will be the only retailer in India to sell the smartphone. The Pixel 8a should only cost Rs 45,999, given the Pixel 7a was only released in 2023 for Rs 43,999.

It’s also possible that the Pixel 8a will end up being less expensive than the Pixel 7a because Google recently began producing its Pixel devices in India.

What are the expectations for the Pixel 8a?

Although the company hasn’t revealed the exact model, it is confirmed to be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity series chipset. It might have a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 SoC, according to rumors. The smartphone is anticipated to come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage capacity.

How big is the Pixel 8a?

It is of size 153.44 x 72.74 x 8.94mm

Is there going to be a Google pixel 8a?

The Google Pixel 7a from the previous year will be replaced by the Pixel 8a. In addition to having a better look, the Pixel 8a is anticipated to come with the new Tensor chip and various creative AI features that are already present in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

What chipset is the Pixel 8a?

Tensor G3 chipset powering the Google Pixel 8a is anticipated.

Pixel 8 vs Pixel 8a: Battery life and charging?

With 12W wireless charging from generic chargers and 18W with the Pixel Stand, the wireless charging standard is still essentially the same.

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