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Innovating technology being developed by the central government will enable people to watch live TV stations on their cellphones even in the absence of an internet connection. It’s being tested and is known as Direct-To-Mobile (D2M) technology.

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apurva Chandra announced on Tuesday, during a broadcasting conference, that testing of the homegrown technology would soon take place in 19 cities. Bengaluru, Kartavya Path, and Noida conducted D2M technology pilot projects last year.


Direct-To-Mobile (D2M)

Without an active internet connection, the device can send multimedia material to consumers’ smartphones. The versatility of D2M technology was enumerated in a letter by the Ministry of Communications.

These aspects included real-time and on-demand material, interactive services, hybrid broadcast, and mobile-centric and seamless content delivery.

It’s been used historically to help with disaster management and to send out emergency notifications.

According to the government, consumers’ mobile phones can receive information directly through D2M, sparing network traffic. The transition to D2M, according to Mr. Chandra, will clear the 5G networks of congestion.

Nineteen cities will shortly start to host trial initiatives.

The government hopes to use D2M to give people who are still utilizing 3G networks access to digital streaming. D2M is anticipated to deliver high-quality video material to rural regions without adding to the already overburdened spectrum in sectors like education.

How is the technology operated?

In the same way that FM radio works, so does D2M technology, where the emitted signal is received by a receiver. In addition, it resembles direct-to-home (DTH) transmission, in which a receiver, commonly referred to as a set-top box, receives broadcast signals straight from satellites via a dish antenna.

Manufacturers of mobile phones and telecom providers are still against D2M.

However, COAI has demanded a “technology-neutral approach with a focus on seamless integration into the existing mobile networks” as well as an open auction of spectrum in the band.

Which country made D2M technology?

“This is the world’s first indigenous ‘Made in India’ technology.” Delivery of content, particularly video content, is going to be revolutionised by D2M.

Which country is number one in technology?

South Korea is the world’s most technologically advanced nation. Once more claiming the top spot, South Korea continues to dominate the globe in technological innovation.

What is the rank of India in technology?

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has announced the most recent Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023, and India is still ranked 40th.

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