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Aliens Might Be Among Us (Harvard Study 24)

Aliens Might Be Among Us

Harvard University researchers have made a surprising discovery: a study they recently conducted suggests that aliens, which are usually referred to as unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) or UFOs, may be living among us. According to this study, these beings could be living underground, on the Moon, or even walking unnoticed among people.

The results challenge conventional scientific stances and open up a number of intriguing possibilities regarding the nature and existence of life outside of Earth.

The study examines a number of intriguing theories, one of which is the notion that a sophisticated human civilization, which was advanced in the past, might have survived the disaster and is still alive in secret.


Another theory holds that a non-human society evolved from terrestrial creatures like intelligent dinosaurs or ape-like hominids that lived underground.

The research also considers the possibility of Aliens Might Be Among Us assimilating into human society after coming to Earth from the Moon or other celestial bodies. It even entertains the idea of beings similar to folklore creatures like fairies and elves, but with magical instead of technological connection with humans.

The hypothesis that an unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP)—spacecraft that visit Earth-based “alien friends”—is another topic of investigation in this field of study. According to this theory, these UAPs might be sophisticated spacecraft that are being manned by extraterrestrials rather than just inexplicable natural or technical phenomena. These entities may interact with or even reside among humans.

By speculating that extraterrestrial visitors may be interacting with their earthly counterparts in some UFO sightings, this idea broadens our knowledge of UFO encounters.

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The study is still pending for peer review, but it encourages the scientific community to approach these remarkable claims with humility and openness in epistemology. This remarkable study calls us to rethink the limits of our knowledge and discover the deep mysteries of the universe.

Theories About Aliens Living Near Humans

Human-like Cryptoterrestrials

According to this notion, after major floods or other catastrophic occurrences, a highly developed ancient human civilization might have persisted covertly. Perhaps these prehistoric people have access to cutting-edge technology that keeps them hidden from the rest of civilization.

Cryptoterrestrial Hominids or Theropods

A non-human society that evolved from terrestrial creatures, like intelligent dinosaurs or ape-like hominids, and now lives underground could exist, according to this notion. It’s possible that these creatures and humans evolved equally complex civilizations.

Extraterrestrial Cryptoterrestrials, or Former Extraterrestrials

According to this notion, aliens may have come to Earth by spacecraft from the Moon or other alien worlds. These creatures may have coexisted peacefully with humans, blending in with our surroundings without bringing attention to their non-terrestrial origins.

“Magical Cryptoterrestrials”

Out of the four theories, “Magical Cryptoterrestrials” is the most outlandish one; it proposes the existence of entities that resemble angels on Earth or fairy tale creatures like elves and fairies. These beings are believed to be connected to people magically rather than technologically, which could account for their ability to stay hidden.

In conclusion

Even though many people may find the Harvard study’s theories absurd, the researchers urge the scientific community and the general public to consider these concepts with open minds and humility. This research encourages us to reevaluate the possibilities of life beyond our current understanding and delve deeper into the unfathomable secrets of the cosmos by pushing the boundaries of what we know.

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