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WhatsApp New Feature: Forward And Rewind Videos, 2024

WhatsApp New Feature

According to a recent internet rumour, WhatsApp’s new feature is developing the ability to forward and rewind videos.WhatsApp has begun rolling out a feature that will allow users to advance and rewind movies, according to WABetaInfo. The app is available in version and offers access to the feature.

Video recording and sending are already possible within WhatsApp.

As part of its continuous efforts to improve the user experience and accommodate changing preferences, WhatsApp for Android is reportedly launching WhatsApp’s new feature that will make it easier for users to exchange high-quality photographs and videos.

WhatsApp  New Feature

By letting customers choose their preferred media quality through a setting option, this functionality simplifies the procedure. WhatsApp attempts to meet different demands and tastes by giving users full control over the quality of the media they post. This allows users to prioritise things like picture clarity or data conservation.

Apart from becoming more convenient, having the option to select the desired media quality for upcoming uploads gives users the freedom to customise WhatsApp to suit their own needs. Depending on the customers’ preferences, this function allows for either visual fidelity or bandwidth efficiency.

WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp update tracker, discovered this functionality in the WhatsApp beta for Android download. On Monday, the Google Play Beta Programme started to distribute the beta version to testers. This feature supposedly removes the need for users to repeat the process each time they upload new media by allowing them to easily adjust the upload quality of photos and videos in Settings.

Standard quality and HD quality settings are allegedly available under a new configuration option called “Media upload quality” that can be found in the Storage and Data menu. Uploads in the future will adhere to the user’s selection once they’ve chosen an option. Shortly after launching the HD Photo Sharing option in August 2023, the messaging platform extended support for high-definition videos.

At the moment, though, users have to choose their preferred media quality by hand every time they transmit a picture or a video. It’s said that this will be fixed in the forthcoming release. While you can still adjust the quality on the preview screen, it now defaults to the preference that you specify in the options.

Although the feature’s availability on iOS or the desktop software has not been confirmed, it has reportedly been available for Android users. Especially for huge files, it’s important to note that none of the existing alternatives let users send media in its original resolution. Users must share it as a document in order to accomplish this.

What is a WhatsApp new feature?

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would allow users to upload one-minute films as status updates, according to a report in WABetaInfo. Currently, users on the platform are able to upload films up to 30 seconds long. Therefore, those who want to post longer movies as part of their status will applaud this adjustment.

Can we disable voice chat in WhatsApp group?

Voice communication in a WhatsApp group can be turned off. In order to execute this:
Start the group conversation.
Click on the name of the group.
Go to Group Settings.
Choose to edit Group Settings or Group Info.
Flip the voice chat feature off.
Verify the adjustment and close the settings.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2024?

During video calls, listen to both audio (music and video)

Utilising the screen-sharing tool will enable this additional capabilities. It implies that everyone on the video conference will be able to hear whatever audio is playing on your device. Music and audio can soon be shared amongst users using WhatsApp video call screen sharing.

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