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The Space Walk: A Record By Chinese Astronauts 24

The Space Walk

The Space Walk: A Record By Chinese Astronauts

The Space Walk record by Chinese astronauts for the longest spacewalk by Ye Guangfu and Li Guangsu were set on May 28, 2024, when they spent about 8.5 hours outside the Tiangong space station. According to state-run Xinhua news agency, their extravehicular activity (EVA) as part of the three-person Shenzhou 18 mission exceeded the duration of all prior Chinese spacewalks. This outstanding accomplishment highlights China’s expanding potential and aspirations in space exploration.

The Space Walk

What is the Space Walk?

An amazing and crucial part of human space travel is a spacewalk, sometimes referred to as an extravehicular activity (EVA). To carry out chores in the vacuum of space, astronauts must leave the safety of their spacecraft. Since their first successful completion by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in 1965, spacewalks have proven essential to a number of missions, including the upkeep and assembly of the International Space Station (ISS), satellite repairs, and scientific investigations.

Astronauts use specially designed spacesuits with life support systems to supply oxygen, control body temperature, and shield them from space’s extreme elements while on a spacewalk. These suits, which combine remarkable mechanical feats with mobility and agility, are made to survive high radiation and temperatures.

Spacewalks need a great deal of mental and physical stamina and can last anything from a few hours to over eight hours. To make sure the operation is safe and successful, they are carefully prepared and practiced. A slender lifeline holding an astronaut suspended above the Earth’s surface captivates the viewer’s attention and serves as a metaphor for human ingenuity and the unwavering quest for exploration.

A spacewalk like this one demonstrates China’s commitment to furthering space exploration and safeguarding the sustainability and safety of its space assets as the country grows its space footprint.

Spacewalks will remain essential to extending humankind’s reach into space as space agencies and private enterprises prepare for trips to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Which types of activities were completed by Ye and Li during the space walk?

Ye and Li completed a number of challenging activities during their EVA that were necessary for the Tiangong space station’s continued development and upkeep. In order to maintain the station’s operational integrity, they carried out routine inspections, installed new equipment, and carried out scientific studies. These duties were successfully completed, which is a credit to the astronauts’ extensive training and preparation, as well as the sophisticated construction and dependability of their spacesuits and support equipment.

This significant achievement advances China’s space program and advances the larger human quest for space exploration. As China’s space footprint grows, accomplishments like this spacewalk show off the country’s increasing proficiency and preparedness for taking part in international space missions, opening the door for more explorations of Mars, the Moon, and beyond.

This spacewalk was Li Guangsu’s first excursion outside the space station; hence, it was a major turning point for him. As for Ye Guangfu, it was his second extravehicular excursion; he had done a spacewalk in December 2021 as part of the Shenzhou 13 mission. They carried out their responsibilities with accuracy and efficiency, demonstrating their combined experience and skill.

Li Cong, the third crew member of the Shenzhou 18 mission, was extremely important in assisting the EVA inside Tiangong by keeping a careful eye on the spacewalkers and their efforts. This cooperative endeavor serves as an excellent example of the organization and teamwork required for complicated space missions to be successful.

What is the purpose of the space walk?

During the spacewalk , astronauts can conduct work outside of their ship while still in orbit. On a spacewalk, astronauts can conduct scientific research. A spacecraft’s exterior can be used for experiments. Scientists can learn about the various effects of space travel through this.

How is the space walk done?

Wearing a white suit known as an extravehicular mobility unit (EMU), the astronaut conducted activities outside of the vehicle or spaceship. During a mission to the International Space Station or Space Shuttle, an astronaut’s spacesuit protects and shields their body.

Who made the first space walk?

The first man to walk in space was Aleksey Leonov, a cosmonaut who launched into Earth orbit and disembarked from his spacecraft on March 18, 1965. For ten thrilling minutes, he drifted.

What does NASA call a spacewalk?

Extravehicular Activities (EVA)

Who was the first woman to walk in space?

The first woman to set foot in space was Soviet astronaut Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya, who was born in Moscow, Russia, on August 8, 1948.

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