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Plaud Note – Ai Voice Recorder-2024

Plaud Note

With Plaud Note, an AI audio recorder, you can quickly wrap up meetings. It employs Chat GPT to substitute synonyms for words that are mispronounced. While the mind maps aren’t as thorough as they may be, some people think the summaries are good.

Recently, the novel gadget, concluded its Kickstarter campaign. With MagSafe technology, this thin, card-shaped device connects to the back of your iPhone to record calls, meetings, and voice memos while you’re on the road. Then, using a specialised programme, Chat GPT uses Chat GPT’s power to create transcriptions, mind maps, to-do lists, and more.

Everywhere you go, it easily records high-quality audio for voice memos, iPhone conversations, and meetings. Recordings are automatically summarised into meeting notes, mind maps, to-do lists, and more using the PLAUD AI services in the specialised app.

Recordings are also intelligently transcribed into exact texts.

Design and Usability of the Plaud Note?

The gadget is easy to carry around because it is incredibly thin and approximately the size of a credit card. It integrates seamlessly with your mobile device and can be mounted on the backs of the majority of smartphones with large screens. Sleek and contemporary, the design prioritises use and simplicity. It has a button that you can push once to begin recording.

This eliminates the need to fumble with your phone looking for the recording app or strain to press the record button in time. Simply hit record. It really is that easy.

The magnetic connector wasn’t very strong, which is one drawback I noticed. It wouldn’t fall off on its own, especially in comparison to other MagSafe devices.

What are the uses of Plaud Note?

1. Audio Recording: The PLAUD NOTE’s AI-enhanced features cause a disruption in the audio recording market.
2. Language Translation: The language translation sector has access to disruptive innovation possibilities .
3. Mobile Accessories: Producing mobile accessories is made easier for manufacturers by the PLAUD NOTE’s MagSafe compatibility.

Current Themes
1. AI-enhanced Voice Recorders: A new recording device called PLAUD NOTE leverages Chat GPT to provide improved functionality.
2. Effective Audio Transcription: Key insights can be summarised, and audio files can be transcribed by the PLAUD NOTE.
3. Multilingual Voice Recognition: The PLAUD NOTE is capable of comprehending and capturing sound in 57 distinct languages.

How do I use Plaud Note?

The following instructions describe how to record meetings using PLAUD NOTE, an AI-powered voice recorder:
Enable: Shortly press the Record button.
Activate the recorder: Toggle the switch for recording mode.
Hold down the key: When a vibration occurs, hold down the Record button for one second.
Give up recording: When you feel two vibrations, long-press the Record button for one second.

Can PLAUD NOTE work without a service membership?

You don’t need a service membership to to access the PLAUD Free App Features. Device settings, recording, synchronising, playback, file management, cloud storage, and other features are among them.

Can we use PLAUD NOTE for Android phones?

With ChatGPT, Plaud Note, an Android voice recorder app, can accurately transcribe audio files to a level comparable to that of a human. By sensing vibrations from the phone’s casing, the app can record phone calls. Additionally, a MagSafe phone’s back might magnetise it to the device. Recordings are converted into time-coded texts using Plaud Note.

How Can You Connect Your Phone to a PLAUD NOTE?

Snap the MagSafe case straight onto the MagSafe back. Take off the plastic holder on the MagSafe Ring if it has a non-MagSafe back. To activate the MagSafe feature, place the MagSafe ring on the non-MagSafe back.

Does PLAUD NOTE record phone calls?

It includes two recording modes that may be chosen by turning the switch up or down: normal and phone call.

Is it legal to take notes during a phone call?

Recording phone calls or discussions is only permitted if both parties are actively participating in the conversation, as required by federal legislation governing one-party consent. Wiretapping, often known as illegal eavesdropping, occurs when someone records a conversation when they are not there.

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