Needle-Free Injection System 24

Needle-Free Injection System

Did you know that about 10% of people worldwide are afraid of needles? IntegriMedical has found a solution to this problem. They introduced the Needle-Free Injection System (NFIS). It’s a new way to deliver medicines without needles, reducing pain for patients. The NFIS meets high standards set by ISO 13485, CE, MDSAP, and CDSCO.

This makes it stand out in the healthcare industry in India.

 Needle-Free Injection System In India

The NFIS is highly portable and easy to use. It lowers the risk of spreading infections and is almost painless. This makes it great for patients and doctors alike. In India, this injection method is seen as a big step forward in healthcare.

Key Takeaways

  • The Needle Free Injection System (NFIS) by IntegriMedical is now available in India.
  • NFIS utilizes a high-velocity jet stream, eliminating the need for needles.
  • This advanced drug delivery system significantly reduces pain and anxiety.
  • NFIS is certified by ISO 13485, CE, MDSAP, and CDSCO, ensuring high regulatory compliance.
  • It offers convenience, portability, and zero cross-contamination risks.
  • This revolutionary technology marks a significant milestone for Indian healthcare.

Introduction to Needle-Free Injection Systems

Needle-Free Injection Systems (NFIS) have changed the healthcare game. They allow medicines and vaccines to be given without needles. This greatly increases patient comfort and their willingness to get treated.

What is a Needle-Free Injection System?

These systems work by creating a strong, fast jet to shoot drugs into the skin. This method is painless and doesn’t use needles. It’s a big step forward in making medical shots easier and less scary for people.

Benefits of Needle-Free Injection Technology

NFIS brings many benefits. It cuts down on pain and takes away the fear of needles. This makes it a fantastic new step in medicine. It also lowers the chances of hurt from needles, the spread of germs, and pollution from used needles.

Existing Reviews and User Experiences

Parents and people who don’t like needles love the ease of NFIS for vaccines. It makes getting shots stress-free. This feedback shows just how much NFIS can change our healthcare world for the better.

Needle-Free Injection System

The needle-free injection system (NFIS) is changing the healthcare game in India. It comes from the hard work of IntegriMedical. This system lets doctors give medicine and vaccines without using needles. It’s a big step for making patient care better and less scary.

Adoption and Use in Indian Healthcare

The NFIS has quickly become popular in hospitals and clinics in India. This new way of getting medicine is preferred by many because it’s not painful. It also makes patients more willing to get the care they need.

Serum Institute of India (SII) and IntegriMedical Partnership

The partnership between the Serum Institute of India and IntegriMedical is really important. The Serum Institute is known worldwide as a top vaccine maker. They recently got a big share in IntegriMedical. This move shows the Serum Institute wants to make healthcare better and cheaper with new tech.

Regulatory Approvals and Certifications

The NFIS is trusted because it meets high safety and quality standards. It has got CE marking, MDSAP certification, and is ISO 13485 compliant. Plus, India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has approved it. These marks show the system is very safe and works well.

Certification/ApprovalGoverning BodySignificance
CE MarkEuropean UnionIndicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards
MDSAPMedical Device Single Audit ProgramStreamlines compliance with regulatory requirements across multiple countries
ISO 13485International Organization for StandardizationEnsures quality management systems for medical devices
CDSCO ApprovalCentral Drugs Standard Control Organization, IndiaConfirms meeting high safety and effectiveness standards

Impact of the needle-free Injection System on the Healthcare Industry

The needle-free Free Injection System (NFIS) from IntegriMedical is changing how we give drugs. It gets rid of needles, making a big change in how we treat patients. This new way is a big step forward in care.

Advancement in Drug Delivery Systems

The NFIS is a big leap in how we deliver drugs. It uses a fast jet of fluid to pass medicine into the body. It’s a user-friendly, gentle choice that improves the way patients feel about their healthcare. The speed of this development shows how quickly medicine and healthcare are evolving.

Reduction in Needle-Phobia

Lots of patients fear needles, which can stop them from taking their medicine. But NFIS offers a needle-free way to get treatment. This helps scared patients get their medicine without any pain or fear. It can mean they follow their doctor’s advice better, making them healthier.

Prevention of Needle-Stick Injuries

Healthcare workers face risks from needles, like getting hurt or catching diseases. NFIS removes this danger by not using needles. It makes hospitals safer for everyone by cutting out needle injuries. This step is key to protecting those who take care of us and making healthcare places safer.

AspectTraditional InjectionNeedle-Free Injection System
Pain LevelHighMinimal to None
Risk of Needle-Stick InjuriesSignificantNone
Cross-Contamination RiskPresentEliminated
Patient ComplianceVariesImproved


The Needle-Free Injection System in India (NFIS), developed by IntegriMedical and the Serum Institute of India, is a game-changer in drug delivery. It makes getting a shot less painful. NFIS turns the old needle method into a fast, jet-stream injection. This change means almost no pain for the users.

This technology shows what we can do when we work together. The partnership between IntegriMedical and the Serum Institute of India stands out. It has earned many approvals that show NFIS is safe and works well. This method not only helps patients but also shows a push for better, safer medical technology.

NFIS is getting popular in India’s healthcare. It’s likely to be a big deal worldwide soon. It’s all about making medical experiences better for patients. NFIS is ready to change how we think about getting injections, leading to a future without needles.

What is the Needle-Free Injection System (NFIS)?

The Needle-Free Injection System (NFIS) is a modern way to give medicines without traditional needles. It uses a fast jet stream to inject drugs. This method hurts less and makes it easier for people who are afraid of needles.

What are the benefits of the needle-free injection system?

The NFIS has many advantages. It makes getting shots less painful and solves the fear of needles. It also lowers the chance of getting hurt by a needle, prevents spreading germs, and is easier to carry around. It changes how we think about getting medicine.

How is the needle-free injection system being adopted in India’s healthcare sector?

In India, NFIS is being used more, thanks to IntegriMedical. It’s making medical injections more friendly and improving the care people receive.

How does NFIS impact the healthcare industry?

NFIS is a big step forward in how we give out medications. It’s safe, doesn’t frighten people, and helps keep healthcare workers safe. This is changing how we do healthcare for the better.

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