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iPhone 16-All of the information available regarding Apple’s next iPhone-24

iPhone 16

Although Apple did not release its most recent iPhone and iPhone Pro models until late last year, rumors about what the next iteration may hold are already being circulated. Along with iOS 18, which is rumored to be among the “biggest updates” in Apple history, the tech giant is expected to release the iPhone 16 in September of this year. Here’s all we currently know about the iPhone 16 series, including its design, pricing, and software.

Changes in Size for the iPhone 16 Pro

A MacRumors leak suggests that Apple might be intending to alter the iPhone 16 Pro series’ appearance. This will be the first screen size increase in a few years if the tech giant does indeed boost the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro to 6.3 inches and the iPhone 16 Pro Max to 6.9 inches.

Regarding the non-professional versions, it appears that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have a revised camera island.

Alleged Characteristics

Pro’s larger 6.3″ and 6.9″ sizes
A new “capture” button
Every iPhone 16 model has an action button.
quicker A-series CPU
Standard models’ vertical camera buttons


According to leaked renders, the rear cameras will be positioned vertically and encased in a pill. These images also suggest that Apple may combine the volume buttons, add a capacitive button, and include the Action button from the Pro models.

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have the same size and 60Hz displays, even though the next both Pro and Pro Max iPhone may be larger than their predecessors.

Display Technology

Micro-lens technology could be used in the displays to minimize power consumption and boost brightness. To lessen internal reflection, micro-lens arrays, or MLAs, employ a uniform pattern made of billions of lenses inside the panel. Perceived brightness is increased by the reflected light, while power usage remains unchanged.

The OLED screens used in the iPhone series will be more power efficient.

The vertical camera is currently essentially verified, according to well-known source MajinBuOfficial on X.

The data is consistent with a recent MacRumors story that quoted industry insiders to assert that it served as the primary camera chassis for the I-34 camera project.

The A17 chip, which may be a slower version of the A17 Pro chips powering the iPhone 15 Pro variations, is anticipated to emerge in the base models.

We may witness longer battery life on the upcoming iPhones as the iPhone series is rumored to include stacked battery technology.

According to reports, Apple will also increase charging power to 40W.

It’s merely conjecture at this time, but MajinBuOfficial, the tipster, also says that the battery’s size will increase.

Regarding the camera, it is expected that the upcoming will use the same dual camera arrangement as its predecessor, while the Pro models would feature three cameras.

We may see a new 48MP ultrawide sensor on the Pro versions, which is a significant improvement over the current 12MP sensor.

Additionally, an enhanced eight-part hybrid lens is rumored to be included with the 16 Pro Max, helping to boost nighttime and low light photography. Another theory has the iPhone 16 Pro possibly receiving the 5x telephoto lens from the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

With rounded icons and creative AI capabilities built right into the OS, Apple’s next operating system, iOS 18, may undergo a significant redesign.

Additionally, Bloomberg claims that Apple is developing a huge language model that would power Siri or run on the device itself.

This suggests that the company is working on some additional customization choices.

Users will also be able to translate and summarize text automatically with the use of generative AI power capabilities added to the default mail and notes app.

Although there is no information available, Apple might be preparing to raise the starting price of each model in the iPhone series.

This implies that we won’t find out the price of the upcoming iPhone until September.


The iPhone 16 is anticipated to bring significant changes to the iPhone portfolio. First in a number of years, Apple is likely to expand the size of the iPhone 16 Pro to 6.3 inches and the iPhone 16 Pro Max to 6.9 inches.

Only the iPhone 16 Pro models will see size adjustments; the new variants will maintain the same dimensions as the iPhone 15 models.

The basic and Pro iPhone 16 models will primarily have the same design as the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models, albeit they will have additional buttons that allow for some modest design adjustments without increasing the size of the device.

When will the new iPhone be launched?

It is anticipated that the iPhone 16 will go on sale in September or October of 2024, with pre-orders opening on September 13, 2024.

How much is the iPhone 16 Pro Max?

The anticipated starting price of the newly upcoming iPhone in India is ₹1,59,900. View the complete list of features and specifications for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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