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Google Free Editing Tools For Photos-2024

Google Free Editing Tools

Recently, Google Photos improved its already strong photo editing features by releasing a set of cutting-edge AI-powered Google Free Editing Tools This is a thorough rundown of every tool:

Magic Eraser: This tool is intended to eliminate unwanted things from pictures in an effortless manner. It detects and removes objects in your images that are unwanted, such as photobombers, distracting components, or any other, using sophisticated AI algorithms. Your photos may be cleaned up quickly and easily with this automatic technique that only requires a few taps or clicks.

Google Free Editing Tools


  • Pick a picture with an unwelcome background or object
  • From the menu bar, choose Edit.
  • Press the Tools button.
  • Select Magic Eraser from the Tools menu.
  • The undesirable items in the image will be recognised by the Magic Eraser and immediately removed.
  • Click on Erase All if the AI tool correctly identifies the undesired thing.
  • Click “done” when finished, then save the picture.

Photo Unblur: Image sharpness and clarity can be improved in hazy photos with Photo Unblur, which makes use of AI algorithms. Regardless of the reason for the photo’s blurry focus, shaking hands, or poor light levels, this tool uses clever sharpening algorithms to enhance the image’s overall quality. Precious moments taken under less than perfect circumstances can be saved with its help.


  • The camera app must be opened initially.
  • Choose Motion from the menu.
  • Under the motion option, choose the blur effect.
  • You may apply motion blur in a couple of ways: either by keeping the camera motionless or by tracking a moving object.
  • Focusing on an object and taking a picture is an additional step.

Portrait Light: Designed for aficionados of portrait photography, Portrait Light is an advanced instrument. After a portrait photo has been taken, users can modify the lighting. Using studio-calibre lighting effects, you can create professional-looking portraits with Portrait Light by adjusting the direction and intensity of the light source and enhancing facial features.

This function gives portrait editing more versatility and creative freedom, resulting in more polished and eye-catching outcomes.

Magic Editor: The Magic Editor is a state-of-the-art tool with a plethora of creative editing choices that is driven by generative AI. Using machine learning algorithms, this programme goes beyond conventional editing methods to create artistic effects, add stylish filters, and alter photographs in novel ways. The Magic Editor offers a limitless array of creative and customisable edit options, whether your goal is to enhance your images with artistic flare, explore weird effects, or simply let your creativity run wild.

Will Google Photos get Magic Eraser?

Many of our AI-powered editing features, such as Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light, will be free of charge for Google Photos users starting on May 15. These functionalities will also be available on additional devices, such as Pixel tablets.

What is Google’s Magic Eraser?

Using a magic eraser, you can automatically remove parts of a picture that detract from the main subject. To remove an object from your shot, scribble over it or draw a circle around it. Additionally, Pixel Fold will recommend stuff for you to delete.

Does Google have a free Portrait Light?

A video editor called Movie Studio can be used to create, edit, record, and mix videos along with audio, graphics, and text.

How does Google Editor work?

Google Ads Editor allows you to move items, search and replace text, and undo or redo changes made to numerous campaigns.

Can you remove edits from a screenshot?

Snapseed provides a specialised tool for erasing annotations and drawings from screenshots, making it simple to return the original image to its original, unaltered state.

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