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Gemini AI Chatbot: How To Use: 2024

Gemini AI chatbot

There is no other AI chatbot like Gemini AI chatbot to meet your email writing demands if you use Gmail frequently. Gemini can tackle a multitude of email-related chores and delve right into your mailbox because of its smooth interaction with Google Workspace.

Gemini AI chatbot

Meeting the Workspace Integration requirement with Gemini AI chatbot

Overwhelming email is a major source of lost productivity. Still, Gemini can be useful. Gemini will provide you with a condensed version of the last email from [sender] if you ask it briefly, saving you the trouble of reading through each and every one of them. Follow up with “Draft a response to senderon Gmail” if a response is required, and Gemini will create a good draft that you may edit or send just as is.

By asking Gemini to “Find emails from my Gmail about topic or “Pull up emails from name, you can further utilise this search engine’s abilities. You’ll focus on precisely what you need if you add filters, like skipping specific labels. Simply click on the message to open it in Gmail when you’ve found it in the list of relevant messages.

Gemini AI chatbot may also be used to create a summary of your most recent emails or to search for a very specific type of email, among other ingenious uses:

“Please open and summarise my most recent unread emails.”
“Is there anything relevant to my job this month in my Gmail inbox?”

Now that you know how to take advantage of Gemini’s Gmail access, let’s look at a few more practical use cases.

Composing emails with promotional content by Gemini AI chatbot

It’s difficult to create a promotional email that genuinely grabs readers’ attention. However, Gemini’s natural language processing can assist you in writing interesting correspondence. Attempt this prompt:

Crafting electronic bulletins

Email newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience, but creating interesting, new content may be very difficult. That’s when Gemini steps in to save the day, as well as your inventiveness. Take a look at these examples:

Learning how to write emails with the help of Gemini AI chatbot

To give you a sense of how to fully utilise Gemini’s email writing abilities, below are just a few samples. However, you ought to be able to create intricate prompts on your own by now. However, you won’t be able to call yourself a true Gemini master until you have a bit more knowledge. Let’s go straight ahead.

1. Create thorough instructions

Your ability to write prompt engineering is typically what makes an excellent AI-generated email. For example, to start creating an effective email follow-up after an interview, ask Gemini to write one. Entering information such as the job role you were interviewed for, the company’s profile, your qualifications, and how you can help the firm succeed should be done carefully.

You can click “regenerate” if you’re not happy with the response, and Gemini will provide you with another one.

2. Use placeholders to personalise your email-

If you don’t prompt Gemini appropriately, it can create an email that is limited in its ability to be customised. It’s crucial to say so if you want a template you can edit with your own information: “Can you add more personalisation placeholders?”

3. Set the correct tone

A letter to your employer might not be appropriate in tone if it is addressed to a colleague. Use an inquiry such as “Could you try again with a more friendly and conversational tone?” if the email that is created doesn’t meet your needs.

4. Have calls to action included

A call-to-action (CTA) in an email should always be obvious. Creating effective CTAs, however, can be challenging. Ask Gemini for assistance: “Can you recommend some compelling calls-to-action for the email’s purpose?

5.Create headings

So you hired Gemini to write you the ideal email draft. But how can you make sure the receiver doesn’t even click to open it? It all boils down to crafting a catchy headline. Consider this: “Could you compose ten email subject lines? Keep them brief—no more than 50 characters—and captivating.

What makes Gemini AI chatbot different?

In contrast to other AI models that are solely trained on text, Gemini is engineered to comprehend and handle data from several modalities, such as text, code, and even silent movies. As a result, it can now understand difficult ideas and carry out activities that were before impossible for AI.

What is the Gemini API used for?

Multimodal prompting—also known as text, picture, and voice prompting—is supported by the Gemini API. Your prompts can have text, images, or audio. When giving the Gemini model a prompt, you can direct it to a local file for small photos.

What is the use of Gemini?

Your code partner for Android development in Android Studio is called Gemini. With the use of artificial intelligence, it is capable of comprehending normal language. It responds to your questions about Android programming, enabling you to work more efficiently.

How do you use the Gemini AI chatbot?

To switch from Google Assistant to Gemini AI Chatbot on an Android device, simply follow these steps:
Launch the Android version of Gemini.
In the upper right corner, tap the profile image.
Choose “Settings.”
Select “Digital assistants from Google” by swiping down.
Choose “Gemini” to use the digital assistant.

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