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China Tiantong Satellite: No Need Of Mobile Tower-2024

China Tiantong Satellite

China has constructed the first satellite in the world that allows direct calls from smartphones. In order to achieve this, there will be no need for any earth-based infrastructure like a network of towers. satellite phones will no longer be necessary once they become popular. China’s achievement may turn out to be a “milestone” in satellite communications.

China Tiantong Satellite

China has named this project “Tiantong,” meaning “connecting to heaven.” August 6, 2016 marked the launch of Tiantong-1 satellite series. Actually, three of these satellites are in an orbit of 36,000 kilometres. China covers the entire Asia-Pacific with their help. Huawei launched the first satellite-based smartphone in September last year.

Following a devastating magnitude-8 earthquake in 2008 in Sichuan, a province in southwestern China, over 80,000 people were killed, This led to the idea of building such a satellite.

Back then, communication difficulties in the impacted areas really made the situation worse. This made rescue efforts extremely difficult, which further exacerbated the catastrophe.

A satellite communication system called Tiantong Project was launched by the Chinese government in reaction to this calamity. Access to communication services should be available to all people, regardless of their financial situation, thanks to the satellite.

An homage to the historical Tower of Babel, the project’s name comes from the Chinese phrase “connecting with heaven.” It represented a dedication to improving communication resilience in the face of hardship.

The China Tiantong Satellite series is a testament to China’s pioneering progress in satellite communication technology. These satellites, which were designed and operated by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), are essential parts of China’s ambitious space-based communication network, which aims to facilitate seamless connectivity across a large number of regions, including those that are remote and underserved.

The China Tiantong Satellite series, which was launched under the purview of China’s space programme, uses state-of-the-art engineering and innovation to facilitate reliable and resilient communication services. These satellites provide high-quality voice, data, and multimedia transmission capabilities, including antennas and transponders designed to work with various frequency bands.

Tiantong Satellite focuses on mobile communication. These satellites help with economic growth, emergency response, and scientific exploration by providing users on the move with uninterrupted connectivity.

They are designed to support maritime, aviation, and land-based mobile communication applications.

The Tiantong Satellite series also demonstrates China’s commitment to global cooperation in space exploration and telecommunications. China aims to bridge the digital divide and promote mutual understanding and prosperity through partnerships and collaboration with other countries and organisations.

The China Tiantong Satellite series remains at the forefront of this endeavour, driving innovation, connectivity, and progress on a global scale as China continues to expand its presence in space and strengthen its satellite communication capabilities. These satellites, poised to shape the future of communication and connectivity, reaffirm China’s position as a leading player in the space industry with each new launch and technological advancement.

What is the China Tiantong Satellite network?

The first of the Tiantong-1 series’ three satellites was launched on August 6, 2016, and the other two will follow in 2020 and 2021. From the Middle East to the Pacific Ocean, the three comprise the Asia-Pacific network, which is in a geosynchronous orbit at a height of 36,000 km (22,369 miles).

What is the global Iridium satellite network?

Global satellite communications provider Iridium offers data and telephony services to every location on Earth. Iridium’s network links people and devices in the most remote locations on Earth as well as nearby thanks to its constellation of satellites.

What does the satellite network do?

Satellites are the primary means of voice communication for rural areas and locations where phone lines have been damaged following a disaster. They also facilitate in-flight phone calls for aircraft. Additionally, the main timing source for cell phones and pagers is provided by satellites.

Is WiFi provided by satellite?

While Wi-Fi can be obtained via a satellite internet connection, they are not the same. Whereas Wi-Fi denotes a wireless network, satellite internet is a specific kind of internet connection.

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