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BharatGPT- 24


Next month, Reliance Industries Ltd., backed by Mukesh Ambani, and the country’s leading engineering schools are planning to launch its first ChatGPT-style service known as Bharat GPT.

This will be a significant step in the country’s ambitions to become a player in the field of artificial intelligence

During a technology conference in Mumbai on Tuesday, the BharatGPT group, which includes an arm of India’s most valuable company and eight affiliated universities, presented a glimpse of the large language model.


Ambani’s group decides to use large language and artificial intelligence models to shape the next decade of industry। BharatGPT, which will be named Reliance Jio Bharat GPT, will be launched with Jio plans in March 2024.

This is how the AI project is introduced to the whole industry and all business areas। Bharat GPT and AI advancements give a unique feature to a number of sectors, including devices, media commerce, and communication.

Developing a strong technical foundation is essential to the success of BharatGPT. Stable communication networks, scalable information warehouses, and high-performance computing resources are all essential components that are being carefully developed and implemented.

BharatGPT Acknowledging the vital role played by seasoned workers. Pinnacle AI expertise is actively sought after. LLM will grow because of experience and creativity if the best minds in the field are brought on board.

The IIT Bombay campus functions as the hub for research and development, where a committed group of instructors and Jio engineers work nonstop to realize BharatGPT. The endeavor is propelled forward by cooperation and mutual understanding.


Reliance has not yet announced its release date, but it is expected to be released in March 2024। You can produce your content in ten Indian languages with this। The BharatGPT app provides services in ten Indian languages.

This application is designed to help you better understand the Indian context. In order to ensure culturally appropriate and accurate responses to Indian data sets, this application will be trained.

BharatGPT is expected to provide a wide range of services in a variety of industries, such as

Education: automated content introduction, intelligent tutoring systems, and personalized learning experiences.

Language barriers are broken down and India’s varied linguistic environment is met by Bharat GPT.

Furthermore, it guarantees that each client will be assigned a super provider in their preferred language.

Customer service: AI chatbots for more appropriate customer interactions and multilingual assistance.

Material creation includes creating creative textual material codecs, information summarization, and support for marketing and advertising tasks.

Agriculture: Examining crop and soil data, providing tailored farming advice, and maximizing resource use.

Customer service Early disease detection, assessment of scientific data, and use of digital health aides.

In order to help farmers make well-informed decisions, BharatGPT may offer them rate estimates and real-time market information.

First, you have to get your mobile to access the Jio Bharat GPT website.
The login button must be clicked on the screen.
After being redirected, you must complete the requested information on a separate page.
Enter the password for your email ID.
You wish to register if you haven’t already by using your phone number, email address, or social network accounts.
You will receive an email or an OTP for verification on your smartphone.Upon logging in, you will have access to all of the Reliance JIO Bharat GPT features, including language translation and virtual help.
You have the ability to select the options and authorize access via the settings.
It is advised to use two-factor authentication.
Strong passwords are another way to keep yourself safe, and you may change the equivalent in the same way.
Remember that once the Jio Bharat GPT session becomes inactive, the login will expire.

Have IT Bombay and Reliance Jio declared the commencement of the Bharat GPS program?

The Bharat GPT initiative is a component of Jio’s “Jio 2.0” overarching plan. The ‘Bharat GPT’ program, a ground-breaking effort in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, is about to be launched by telecom operator Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Who develop BharatGPT?

Build of India’s “BharatGPT” is planned by Reliance Jio and IIT-Bombay.
In an effort to use generative AI and massive language models to revolutionize Indian industries, Reliance Jio and IIT-Bombay are collaborating to establish the “Bharat GPT” progra

How many languages are there in BharatGPT?

BharatGPT, India’s first native Large Language Model (LLM), seeks to transform AI discussions across 22 Indian languages. Additionally, it is happy to offer voice support in more than 12 Indian languages.

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