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Athos Salom Living Nostradamus-2024

Athos Salom Living Nostradamus

The legendary French seer Nostradamus is probably well-known to most of you. Following his intense interest in astrology,Athos Salom Living Nostradamus began printing almanacks. His next publication, Les Prophéties, or The Prophecies, was the first edition that would make him renowned across history and the globe.

Who was Nostradamus?

The most well-known work by Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus, is “Les Propheties,” a compilation of 942 quatrains that purport to foretell future events through enigmatic rhyme. He has received recognition for his accurate forecasts of the ascent to power of Napoleon, the attack on Hiroshima, and the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to current accounts, he also predicted that the monarchy would face challenges in 2024.

Who is living Athos Salom Living Nostradamus?

The “Living Nostradamus,” Athos Salomé, prophesied that a powerful solar flare would strike Earth following the G4-level geomagnetic storm. The Brazilian parapsychologist who predicted the COVID-19 pandemic in 2012 gained notoriety when, following the significant “X-class” explosion, his prognosis for 2024 came to pass.

In this work, he nearly accurately forecasted every major world event.

In the present era, one of Nostradamus’s forecasts has lately come to pass, and he is still alive and well.

Athos Salome, a parapsychologist from Brazil, correctly predicted that there would be a total solar eclipse that would cause “three days of darkness.” He said that a solar coronal mass ejection (CME) would cause this to happen next month, as reported by the Daily Star.

Massive expulsions of plasma and magnetic fields from the sun’s corona are known as CMEs, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This had consequences that started on March 22 and came to us a few days later. The largest solar storm in recent memory, so far as we can tell,.

A Brazilian parapsychologist who predicted COVID-19 in 2012 gained notoriety when, following the significant “X-class” explosion, his prognosis for 2024 came to pass.

According to reports, the Brazilian parapsychologist had predicted a number of important events, such as the COVID epidemic, the FIFA World Cup final, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the passing of the Queen.

Salome has predicted a few other events for 2024, so we’d better cross our fingers and hope he’s merely wrong about the coronal mass ejection.

Salome claimed that when King Charles is crowned in 2023, “the countdown begins.” Nonetheless, he claimed that after learning of the King’s illness in February, he anticipated the news of his cancer. “We’ll find out if he stays in power between 2024 and 2025,” he said.

Though it might have sounded like science fiction, Salome is convinced that something that was once thought to be otherworldly is soon to become regular. This one might seem the most absurd.

He said that this year would be the year that we finally made contact with extraterrestrial life. We will converse through “encrypted signals intercepted by a network of telescopes,” according to Salome.

He asserted that a mineral-rich asteroid will cause the superpowers of the world to collide and smash into Earth.

In addition, he believes that 2024 will mark the “AI awakening,” a time when technology will become self-aware, stop requiring human input to function, and develop a language that is meaningless to people.

“China and Russia will fight a war.”

Athos Salom Living Nostradamus also asserted that developments in the South China Sea or a significant cyberattack may trigger circumstances akin to those of World War II. Additionally, he foresaw a conflict between China and Russia turning into a full-scale war.

In addition, Salome has been warned of a possible worldwide calamity, including natural disasters. Speaking about the United States, the man asserts that the nation will fight both fire and water all year long, with fatal floods inundating areas close to the Gulf of Mexico and wildfires wreaking havoc in California, Oregon, and Washington.

There’s no reason to panic.

According to Athos Salome, his forecasts are not meant to incite fear in the general public. According to him, there is always room for improvement, and none of his forecasts are final.

Why is Athos Salome called a living Nostradamus?

After the G4-level geomagnetic storm, the “Living Nostradamus,” Athos Salomé, predicted that Earth would be hit by a strong solar flare. After the big “X-class” explosion, the Brazilian parapsychologist who had prophesied the COVID-19 pandemic in 2012 became well-known when his prediction for 2024 came true.

Where was Nostradamus born?

Michel was born on December 14 or 21, 1503, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France.

How many years did Nostradamus predict?

Nostradamus himself wrote in the preface of the Prophecies that his predictions extend “from now to the year 3797.” 

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