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Android 15: A New Feature Device Diagnostics 24

Android 15 Beta 3

Google Upgrades Android Troubleshooting

With the most recent release of Android 15 Beta 3, which brings new features that should improve the user experience, Google continues to improve and optimise its operating system. A notable inclusion is the diagnostics area, which allows users to conduct their own diagnostic tests in order to find and fix problems. With features that were previously only available to technical support or experienced users, this feature represents a huge advancement in user empowerment.

Android 15

Opening the Diagnostics Menu

A Preview by Mishaal Rahman

After conducting thorough research, Mishaal Rahman of Android Authority was able to obtain an early peek at the diagnostics menu. Rahman was able to force the setting to show up in the most recent Android 15 Beta 3, providing users with a sneak peek at what’s to come in the official release. This finding is indicative of Google’s continuous attempts to improve the usability and openness of its operating system.

Two Options for Diagnosis

The two primary areas of the updated diagnostics menu are “Component health” and “Evaluation mode.” Every segment fulfils a certain function and provides users with an array of diagnostic options.

Health Component

On their devices, consumers can do tests under the “Component health” area. To make sure the device is operating at its best, this feature is very helpful for locating hardware and software problems. By monitoring the condition of different parts like the battery, storage, and sensors, users can learn more about the general well-being of their gadgets. This proactive strategy aids consumers in maintaining their gadgets and taking care of possible issues before they become more serious.

Assessment Method

For more sophisticated diagnostics, refer to the “Evaluation mode” section. For individuals who oversee numerous devices or offer technical assistance, it is an invaluable tool as it allows users to do testing on different units using a single device.

When resolving problems with a fleet of devices and making sure that every one is operating as it should, this mode can be extremely helpful.

Recognising Possible Failures

The ability of the new diagnostics menu to anticipate component failures is one of its most exciting features. Knowing when electrical equipment can fail might be very helpful because it doesn’t last forever. Before their devices experience serious issues, users can make a backup copy of their data and take preventative action. With this capability, customers may be more proactive in monitoring their devices and have an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

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What is Android 15

Although the diagnostics menu’s launch is a positive step, it can always be improved. The modes currently only offer the most basic information, however next upgrades may add more features. Predictive analytics, more precise data on component health, and comprehensive reporting on device performance could all improve the user experience. Future versions of this feature should have more thorough and instructive diagnostics tools as Google continues to improve it.

Possibilities for Development

A Turning Point for User Empowerment

The diagnostics menu’s addition to Android 15 Beta 3 marks a significant turning point for user empowerment. Google is giving consumers greater control over their gadgets by offering resources to conduct their own diagnostic tests. This action fits with a larger trend in the tech sector towards increased user autonomy and openness.

Getting Ready for Public Release

One of the numerous improvements customers may anticipate is the diagnostics menu, which Google is working on releasing to the public later this year. To ensure that the final release is as flawless and user-friendly as possible, a continuing beta testing process is in place to provide feedback from users and allow for adjustments.


An encouraging new feature that improves device administration and troubleshooting skills in Android 15 Beta 3 is the diagnostics menu. With “Component health” and “Evaluation mode,” users can make sure their devices are operating at optimal performance with the help of versatile tools. In the future, customers can expect even more sophisticated features and more control over their devices as Google keeps innovating and improving its operating system.

Google’s dedication to providing a stable and user-focused mobile experience is demonstrated by this development.

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