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AirFiber- A big revolution in internet -23


AirFiber is a wireless internet service provided by Ubiquiti Networks, a company known for its networking and wireless communication products.

AirFiber aims to deliver high-speed internet connectivity in a way that emulates the performance of traditional fiber-optic networks but without the need for physical fiber-optic cables.

Here are some key points about AirFiber:

  • Wireless Point-to-Point Technology: this uses advanced wireless point-to-point (PtP) technology to establish high-speed connections between two fixed points. It’s commonly used for long-distance connections, such as connecting two buildings or locations where laying physical cables is impractical or expensive.
  • Fiber-Like Speeds: It is designed to provide fiber-like speeds, often with gigabit-level throughput. This allows businesses and internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity in areas where laying fiber-optic cables would be cost-prohibitive.
AirFiber Jio

  • Low Latency: Itr is known for its low latency, which is important for applications like online gaming, video conferencing, and real-time data transmission. Low latency ensures a smooth and responsive user experience.
  • Frequency Bands: It operates in various frequency bands, including 24 GHz, 5 GHz, and 11 GHz, depending on the model and regulatory considerations in a given region. These frequency bands offer different trade-offs in terms of range and interference resistance.
  • Secure and Reliable: It incorporates security features and encryption to protect data transmitted over the wireless link. It’s designed to be reliable even in challenging environments with interference or adverse weather conditions.
  • Scalability: The systems can be scaled to accommodate different bandwidth requirements and network configurations. They are often used in conjunction with other Ubiquiti networking products to create comprehensive network solutions.

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It has found applications in various industries, including telecommunications, internet service provision, government, and enterprise networks. It enables high-speed connectivity in situations where wired solutions are not feasible or would be cost-prohibitive. Keep in mind that the specific features and capabilities of itr may vary depending on the model and version of the product available at any given time.

 Bharti Airtel launched its Xstream AirFiber and Reliance Jio AirFiber launched soon

Xstream AirFiber

Introducing Airtel Xstream AirFiber – Your Gateway to the Future of Home Internet!

Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to the freedom of superfast internet with Airtel Xstream AirFiber. This cutting-edge Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution leverages Airtel’s robust 5G Plus network to transform your home connectivity experience.

AirFiber Airtel

Imagine a world where your devices come to life with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, all without a single physical cable in sight. With Airtel Xstream , you’re no longer tethered by wires, giving you the flexibility to connect, stream, work, and play seamlessly.

🚀 Superfast Speeds: Airtel Xstream AirFiber harnesses the power of 5G Plus, delivering blazing speeds that make lag a thing of the past.

📶 Wireless Convenience: Say farewell to the hassles of cable installations. Airtel brings the internet to your doorstep without the need for complex wiring.

💻 Connect Any Device: Whether it’s your smart TV, gaming console, laptop, or your growing list of IoT devices, Airtel ensures they’re all online and ready to go.

🔒 Secure and Reliable: Rest easy knowing your internet connection is secure and dependable, even in adverse conditions.

Upgrade your home internet experience to the next level with Airtel Xstream AirFiber. Say hello to the future of home connectivity, where speed, convenience, and reliability come together to power up your digital life. Join the wireless revolution today .

Jio Air Fiber

  • Wireless Connectivity: JioAirFiber eliminates the need for physical wires, making it easier and quicker to set up an internet connection.
AirFiber Jio

  • Plug-and-Play: Users can simply plug in the required equipment and turn it on to establish a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, simplifying the installation process.
  • Ultra-High-Speed Internet: JioAirFiber promises to deliver fiber-like speeds using True 5G technology, providing users with gigabit-speed internet access.
  • Home and Office Connectivity: This service can cater to both residential and business customers, offering fast and reliable internet connectivity for various purposes.

Please note that the availability and specifics of JioAirFiber may vary by location, and pricing and plan details may also differ.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, including availability in your area and pricing, I recommend visiting the official Reliance Jio website or contacting their customer support.

What is Jio air fiber ?

JioAirFiber delivers fibre-like speed over the air without any wires. You just have to just plug it in, turn it on,

When Jio air fiber will launched in India ?

Reliance will launch Jio AirFiber in India on September 19, 2023

What will be theJio Air Fiber Speeds ?

Jio notes that Jio AirFiber will offer up to 1.5Gbps speeds

What is the cost of Jio AirFiber ?

Not yet annouced.

Is Jio AirFiber fixed setup ?

,Jio AirFiber is portable, but it needs an AC connection. It doesn’t have a battery, so it is not portable in the true sense.

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